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Feb. 28, 2018

RE: 2018 Claxton-Evans Chamber Banquet

Claxton and Evans County:

What an honor and privilege it was to accept the 2018 Business of the Year Award at this year’s Claxton Evans County Chamber of Commerce banquet Tuesday night! Many heartfelt thanks to the Chamber staff, board and membership for this humbling recognition and for such a perfect evening.

It was really humbling and a little gratifying at the same time. I spend most of my time planning, pushing and promoting TCB and most often that involves reminding our amazing team of what is most important. More accurately, WHO is most important. The joy and surprise of receiving such a prestigious honor remind me of the same. If you are reading this, it likely means you are a “swoosh”. Our TCB logo surrounds our initials with three shades of blue representing our customers, shareholders and employees, all the people who participate in our business model. This business, and any business really, is about people. YOU are the ones being honored with this award.

I sincerely believe we have the very best team of bankers around and I am amazed every day at the dynamo of experience, energy and enthusiasm in our group. To have this honor bestowed at a time when so much has changed is an affirmation. Our company has always succeeded on the power of relationships with our customers and community. Those relationships have been forged over years of hard work and trust. As faces and names change, it can be difficult to meet such a high standard. This award is a glowing reminder of just how special the people who make up our family are. The “swooshes” of successful and loyal customers, faithful and supportive ownership and bright, service-minded employees are indeed an amazing lot!

So thank you, Claxton Evans County Chamber for this amazing recognition! And congratulations to all of you who help to make The Claxton Bank all that it is.


Philip Williams
President & CEO